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Tips to Get Your Commercial HVAC Unit Ready for Summer

Commercial HVAC and Summer

Getting your commercial HVAC unit ready for summer will ensure it stays in good working order for the duration of the season!

With spring in full effect, there’s no question that the heat and humidity of summer is on its way. You’ll want to be prepared for the heat of summer, and one of the best ways to do that is by making sure your commercial HVAC unit is “opening day” ready. After a winter season of going unused, your HVAC unit will require a thorough inspection and possibly even maintenance to ensure your building stays comfortable and cool this summer. Avoid the headache of working in the summer heat with these tips for getting your commercial HVAC unit ready for summer.

Inspect Your Unit

A thorough inspection is a good start to make sure your unit is in good working order. Be sure to check the mechanical parts and condenser unit, looking for any debris or bent parts that would keep your HVAC unit’s mechanisms from moving freely. It’s also important to check the wiring for any loose connections, frayed wires, or even nests that rodents tend to build during winter.

Check Drain Lines

The drain lines of your HVAC unit serve an important function, so you’ll want to give them some attention during your inspection. Look out for any blockages that could cause issues with your unit, and be sure to clean out any mold buildup or mineral deposits that could cause blockages or other damage.

Replace Filters

It’s especially important to make sure your HVAC unit has a clean filter before kicking it on for the summer. Filters should be replaced every 1-2 months to keep your unit working efficiently and help keep your air quality high. This will prevent dust, pollen, and other allergens from circulating throughout your store.

Test Your Unit

Always test your unit in the spring to make sure it’s ready to run through the summer heat. Testing your HVAC unit will help you confirm that the unit is working properly and in good condition to keep your building cool and comfortable all season long.

HVAC Maintenance

Above all, proper HVAC maintenance is key to making sure your HVAC unit is ready all year round. With regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about unexpected, costly repairs. After all, a well-maintained HVAC unit is a reliable HVAC unit.

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