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It has been a pleasure to work with Absolute Solutions and Associates on numerous complex DC projects. Because of Absolute Solution’s cooperation, we continue to be successful in meeting the DC contractual requirements. We look forward to continue working with Absolute Solutions and would recommend them with confidence.
Tahnie Boggess / American Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.

At the Partner’s Appreciation event last month, when everyone was networking before dinner, I ran into Chris from the Barbour Group and we realized we had met each other previously – and even having both served as panelists at an event for small businesses focusing on accessing capital and bonding. While talking about what I do as an SBA loan officer and the fact that I’m able to assist businesses all over the country, Chris mentioned that he knew of a business in Indiana that was seeking an SBA loan to refinance real estate. The next day he put me in touch with their contact person and we have been discussing the possibility of our providing a loan to the business of $850,000. I would likely never have known about that opportunity had it not been for The Absolute Group holding that event and bringing business people together.
Maria Randall / First Trust