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When power meets functionality!

The BrushBeastTM with Speed Tray Carrier is the most powerful and portable Rotobrush system yet. With a 90% increase in vacuum power, the BrushBeastTM can remove even the heaviest build up within duct systems. Easily access your brushes and other accessories with the newly designed Speed Tray carrier, with built in magnets and holders everything is within arms reach.

Watch The BrushBeast In Action

The Brushbeast in action is a sight to behold. Its four powerful vacuum motors, paired with its 450 RPM 120/220V brush motor, make short work of even the most difficult air duct cleaning job, while still remaining safe to use with any type of air duct, including flex ducts.

What Sets The BrushBeast Apart?

The Brushbeast is the pinnacle of air duct cleaning technology. Built with maximum power, maneuverability, and ease of use in mind. No other air duct cleaning machine even compares.

  • Commanding Vacuum: The BrushBeastTM is the most powerful Rotobrush system yet. Equipped with 4 vacuum motors this unit has a 90% increase in vacuum power, the BrushBeast can remove even the heaviest build up within duct systems.
  • Forward Thinking Design: The BrushBeast has been designed for ease-of-use. The sloped sides allow for the hose to be easily coiled around the pod to ensure the BrushBeast is easy to maneuver throughout any home. Its sleek design allows for maximum efficiency while accessing attics and crawl spaces.
  • Added Benefits of the BrushBeast: Advanced filter bag design allows you to collect even more debris and dirt. Power controlled circuit board for maximum power and efficiency and additional hose length to total 52 feet!

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