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How to Prepare for Appliance Installation

appliance installation

Follow these three tips to prepare yourself and your business for appliance installation.

When shopping for new appliances, it can seem like all of the hard work takes place in the researching and purchasing stages. While it is definitely important to do your homework and buy the best appliances for your business, the work does not end there. Preparing for appliance delivery can ensure the successful installation of your devices, which can benefit your business in the long run. An improperly installed appliance can malfunction or be worn down quickly, which can lead to expensive or dangerous consequences. Follow these three tips to prepare yourself and your business for appliance installation.

1. Communicate With Your Salesperson

One of the best things you can do to ensure successful appliance installation is to communicate with your appliance salesperson. Make sure that you both understand what your facility’s needs are, what appliance you have ordered, and what needs to happen during delivery. Ask about your appliance vendor’s damage and return policy, and see how much of the installation they will perform.

2. Measure Twice, Install Once

Make sure that you have measured everything correctly, preferably before you purchase the appliance. There is nothing worse than trying to move a commercial freezer into a building only to realize that it won’t fit through any of the doors. Measure the space where the appliances are going, all of the hallways and doors they will have to travel through to get there, and where all of the outlets and gas hookups are. You do not want your appliance installation team to have to stop midway through when you realize that your gas hookup will not reach the machine that it is supposed to.

3. Prepare the Way

Move any furniture, trash, or other obstacles out of the way before the day of delivery. Make sure that the way from your loading dock or other drop-off point to the final resting place of the appliance is perfectly clear. Utilizing doorstops is also helpful if you have a lot of things to move or if you have a small crew.

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