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How to Make Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

Making a Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

Making your commercial building more energy efficient has many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at how you can achieve better efficiency!

There are many reasons to consider the energy efficiency of your commercial building. Between energy costs, ease of building maintenance, and concern for the environment, making your building more energy efficient has major benefits. Plus, with summer coming up, air conditioning use is sure to increase, and it can be difficult to keep energy costs in check while keeping the building a comfortable temperature. Whether you want to make your building more eco-friendly or save on energy costs, here are some ways you can make your commercial building more energy efficient.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Changing your lighting is a great way to make your building more energy efficient. By installing LED light fixtures in your commercial building, you can save tons of energy. LED lighting also lasts much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs–up to 25 times as long. That can add up to serious savings over time! Plus, you won’t need to change or maintain your lighting fixtures as often, making building maintenance a little bit easier. Beyond LED lighting, you may also want to consider motion sensitive light fixtures. Motion sensors are inexpensive to install and can cut your energy use significantly for rooms or areas that aren’t being used.

Cut Back During Peak Hours

A very simple way to increase your commercial building’s energy efficiency is to cut energy use. Peak demand is the time of day when the most energy is consumed in your building. By identifying this time period and making a point to cut energy consumption during peak demand, you can significantly change energy use in your building.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is another area to consider when it comes to making your building more energy efficient. Commercial buildings, in particular, can greatly improve their energy efficiency by rethinking ventilation. Some ventilation systems use a natural ventilation approach to optimize use of their HVAC system. This allows you to rely less on the machinery and save on energy costs throughout the year.

Energy Audit

An energy audit is a great way to identify your consumption and areas for potential improvement. This audit helps point out where you spend the most when it comes to energy costs, helping you to determine where to cut back. This can also help you identify energy loss, allowing you to cut your energy spending dramatically in some cases.

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