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4 Types of Damage that Necessitate Residential Drywall Services

residential drywall services

Here are four common types of drywall damage that necessitate residential drywall services from a professional company.

If you are a homeowner, chances are you have had to repair a thing or two around the house. It’s easy to fix a broken lamp here or a clogged drain there, but what do you do about seriously damaged drywall? If your home’s drywall is damaged, it is best to contact a company that offers residential drywall services. There are many ways that drywall can degrade or become marred over time. Here are four common types of drywall damage that necessitate residential drywall services from a professional company.

1. Termites

While most people associate termite damage with trees, wood fences, and decks, termites can also show themselves in your drywall. Be on the lookout for holes in your drywall with small particles of what looks like sand or sawdust trailing out of them. These particles could be termite droppings, also known as frass. If you think you may have termites, call an exterminator and residential drywall service provider to repair your walls.

2. Holes

Whether they are created by termites or not, holes can spell trouble for your home’s walls. The bigger the hole, the more concern it should cause regarding the structural integrity of your drywall. If your home’s walls have holes in them for any reason — from a rogue gust blowing a door open too quickly to a hard bump from some furniture — contact your local drywall repair professionals to have the holes patched or otherwise repaired.

3. Cracks

Cracked drywall is likely the result of poor installation practices, and it is indicative that you need residential drywall services. When drywall is installed poorly or your house settles over time, cracks can form. This can create a serious structural issue with your drywall, and you should notify a drywall professional immediately so that they can assess the damage.

4. Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most obvious types of damage that drywall can sustain. If you have faulty plumbing, a leaky roof, or any other structural defect in your home that leads to water leaking where it shouldn’t, you are at risk for water damage to your drywall. Some clear signs of water damage include bulging paint or drywall, peeling paint, and brown rings on the surface of your wall. The first step to fixing the issue is to repair the plumbing or roofing leak. Then you should seek residential drywall services from a trusted local business.

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