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What to Think About When Considering an LED Retrofit in Your Commercial Building

LED Retrofit

An LED retrofit is one of the best improvements you can make to your commercial building, but there are a few things to consider before undertaking this upgrade.

When it comes to maintaining and improving your commercial building, there are few things as appealing as LED lighting upgrades. Considered one of the easiest ways to start the process of going green, making the switch to LED’s is not that isn’t incredibly cost prohibitive while producing immediate and long term results and savings. If you’ve been on the verge of an LED retrofit for your facility, these three considerations may just help you make up your mind.


One of the first things to know about LED lighting is that it can have an incredible difference in performance compared to conventional bulbs. Different kinds of light can have different effects and LED’s allow for a more accurate representation of natural daylight. Along with being great for brightness, this difference has a significant impact on your staff and guests. Natural light causes less eye strain and higher productivity leading to a more effective, happy workday.


Do you know how much time and money you spend each year on maintenance for your lighting? Depending on the size and scope of your lighting system, making the switch to LED’s can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs alone each year. Newer bulbs have longer lifespans and much need less care than conventional.

Energy Use

Last but not least, LED’s simply uses less energy. As energy costs from non-renewable sources rise, it’s crucial that businesses without access to green energy have ways to mitigate their bills. Making the switch to LED lighting is not the only step you can take, but it’s a significant first step that can help further your journey to a greener, more cost-effective business model. Most companies that replace their lighting notice a 60-90% decrease in energy usage from lighting, which is one of the most costly parts of business energy use.

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