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5 Signs That Your Commercial HVAC Needs Some Work

Commercial HVAC System

When a commercial HVAC system isn’t working properly, it can cause problems for your business. Look for signs that your system needs some work!

You rely on your commercial HVAC system to keep your building a comfortable temperature year-round. When it isn’t working properly, humidity and airborne contaminants can increase, and your building can become uncomfortable. Not to mention the efficiency of your commercial HVAC is directly related to your energy bills. Avoid costly repairs and prevent major issues with these 5 signs that your commercial HVAC needs some work.

1. Unexpected Noises

You should be used to the noises your HVAC makes when working properly. Clicking and humming is normal, but if your system is making squeaking, grinding, or even loud banging noises, it could be an indicator that there’s an issue with the mechanisms within. Don’t ignore these noises, because they can get out of hand fairly quickly. Be sure to have your system regularly maintained to avoid serious issues.

2. Mold on the Ceiling

When your commercial HVAC isn’t working properly, it can cause the humidity in your building to rise. This can cause unwanted moisture in the air that can dampen your ceilings and walls. This may result in mold forming in ceiling panels or especially humid rooms, which can be a serious hygiene issue, not to mention a health concern for employees, visitors, and customers.

3. Low Air Quality

If you notice your employees sneezing and coughing more often, it may be the result of lower air quality. Dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants can irritate your breathing. Low air quality can indicate that your commercial HVAC will need cleaned vents or new filters.

4. High Utility Bills

An efficient commercial HVAC system should help save utility costs, not cause them to skyrocket. A surefire indicator that your HVAC needs work is a rising utility bill. Sometimes this indicates a problem with the thermostat or a signal that requires routine maintenance. Be sure to have a professional look at your system if your bills are rising out of control.

5. Hot or Muggy Rooms

If some areas of your building are hot or muggy, it’s a good sign that your HVAC needs some work. Your commercial HVAC should evenly distribute clean, temperature-controlled air to the areas of your building. Always keep an eye out for especially hot and humid areas throughout the building.

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