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How to Extend the Life of Your Facility Equipment

How to Extend the Life of Your Facility Equipment

Proper training goes a long way toward extending the life of your facility equipment.

While facility equipment is designed to be long-lasting and durable, it does require some help from you. There are behaviors that you may be doing that are shortening the life of the equipment, by not keeping it clean, maintaining its components, or paying attention to issues that arise. A mindful operator is one that puts care into the condition of the equipment. Here’s how to extend the life of your facility equipment.


Proper training goes a long way toward extending the life of your facility equipment. Improper usage can surely have adverse effects on how well equipment operates and could continue to operate. As many pieces of machinery and other equipment have multiple users per shift, it’s essential that building-wide training is conducted and periodically updated when necessary, especially as new employees come on board. Be sure to make user manuals readily available, especially for troubleshooting and other issues that may arise. Refresher courses are always a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page about how to properly use the equipment. Proper usage limits stress on the equipment, which allows it to work as it was intended for the expected life of the equipment.  


Ensure that everyone follows appropriate and recommended protocol when it comes to regular inspections of the equipment. As each operator uses the machinery, they should take note of signs of wear, including regular wear as well as uncommon issues that could cause concern. Vibration, high temperature, and friction are all signs that should be checked for and noted during operation. In addition to regular usage, there should also be thorough inspection scheduled for the equipment to fully check each component and its capacity to operate as intended.


Maintain a regular schedule for maintenance. This should include checking and adding lubricant and keeping all components clean. Grime and dirt often build up on equipment, which can adversely affect how well it operates. Age is also a component that should be taken into consideration. Maintenance usually needs to happen more frequently on older equipment. Have worn parts addressed with maintenance or replaced entirely. It’s often the case that replacing individual components is enough to keep the equipment operating well into its life.

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