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5 Facility Maintenance Tips

5 Facility Maintenance Tips

Don’t neglect the cleanliness of your restrooms!

A well-maintained facility is a direct reflection of the business that occupies it. Facility maintenance is essential and requires attention to detail. Follow these five facility maintenance tips to get ahead of the game.

Floor Maintenance

Give your flooring the attention it needs. Your carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors get a lot of abuse from constant traffic, spills, and other possible damage. Maintain a floor cleaning schedule. You’d be surprised how much a clean floor has an impact on the overall look of the space. Professional carpet cleaning, in particular, helps keep the carpet looking bright and spotless.


One area that tends to easily show neglect is the restroom. In addition to general cleaning, be sure that all of the facilities in the restroom are working properly and in the best condition. Repair leaks and, if necessary, replace caulking. Ensure that toilet paper and paper towels are always stocked and available.

Heating and Cooling

The way your heating and cooling systems run effects the comfort level and air quality of the space. These units attract a lot of dirt, grime, and dust that need to be cleaned regularly to help keep the system running effectively and efficiently. Keeping the coil cool will boost its operating efficiency. Overall, when the system is working well, there will be fewer odors, allergens, and decreased operating costs.

Energy Efficiency

Consider updating some of your processes to be more environmentally friendly. Sustainability is an important topic to discuss with your facility manager, including using products that don’t use harsh chemicals in their formulas. Also consider using recycled paper towels, microfiber cloths and mops, touchless soap dispensers, and toilets that flush automatically. Sustainability isn’t only beneficial for the environment, but there are also health and financial benefits that you would experience.

First Impressions

Remember that first impressions are lasting impressions. With that in mind, step outside and take a look at the front of the building. Are all the lights working? Is the landscape neatly manicured? Are there potholes in the parking lot? The outside of your physical building is as much a reflection of your business as your employees. Create a schedule that would ensure that these facilities are cared for on a regular basis.

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