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The Benefits of a Commercial Energy Audit

The Benefits of a Commercial Energy Audit

How energy efficient is your building?

A commercial energy audit gives business owners a full picture of the way they use energy. It shows if they’re taking advantage of every opportunity to create an efficient business or if there are opportunities to enhance those systems. Here are the benefits of having a commercial energy audit.

The Savings

An energy audit could reveal ways in which you would be able to save money. Much of owning a business is about numbers; making them stretch and making them work. Commercial energy is one area where many business owners might be wasting money by not having the most efficient systems in place. An energy audit will not only highlight those areas but also reveal the upgrades that will make your space more energy and cost efficient. Examples include switching to LED lighting, using automatic switches, programmable heating and cooling, and many other recommendations.

The Safety

A commercial energy audit will reveal safety hazards. Older systems used materials that are no longer up to code. Your commercial space could run the risk of exposing employees and customers to unsafe and unhealthy elements, including radon leaks or even monoxide poisoning. With a commercial energy audit, you’ll be able to make those repairs and upgrades which will give you peace of mind knowing that you are providing your employees and customers with a healthy environment in which to work.

The Comfort  

Make your commercial space more comfortable for everyone with an energy audit. It will lead to an increase in the efficiency in your heating and cooling system which will ensure that the temperature inside will remain comfortable throughout the year. It will also reveal other elements that affect comfort, including insulation and air sealing. While the professional who conducts the audit may not be equipped to take on these upgrades themselves, they will have the connections to professionals that they can recommend for these services.

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