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5 Major Pieces of Fire Safety Equipment

5 Major Pieces of Fire Safety Equipment

Ensure your commercial building is always protected with these pieces of equipment.

Fire safety equipment is most effective when many elements work together to create a fire response system. Check out these five major pieces of fire safety equipment.

Fire Alarms

One of the first lines of defense during fire emergencies are fire alarms. They are usually the first notifications that there is a fire in the building. They sound an audible alarm and even flashlights to indicate that there is a fire. In many cases, they also dispatch fire responders to the scene. In terms of the types of systems available, there are conventional, analog addressable, addressable, and wireless fire alarm systems.

Fire Extinguishers

There are different types of fire extinguishers that are appropriate for various types of fires. Foam extinguishers are appropriate for fires caused by liquids, including petrol, oils, fats, and paint. Dry powder extinguishers are suitable for flammable liquids and gases, including methane and natural gas. You would use a water extinguisher in situations that involve solid materials like paper, textiles, and wood. The CO2 fire extinguisher works for electrical fires.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is necessary during fire emergencies as there is an increased risk of the power supply going out. It usually uses batteries and is designed to remain operational, even when the main power supply is not available. In commercial spaces, emergency lighting should be part of larger fire response system that in most cases has been designed by a civil engineer in conjunction with fire safety professionals.

Call Point Alarms

Call point alarms ensure that everyone in a building will be notified of a fire emergency. Because fire alarms can’t identify which detector has been activated, call point alarms allow everyone in the building the ability to sound and hear the alarm. They are essential in large buildings, like schools and department stores.

Exit Signs

Never underestimate the importance of exit signs. They indicate the safest way to exit a building in case of fire emergencies. In situations where smoke creates darkness, or the power goes out, they are illuminated with a separate system that makes sure that they are visible at all times.

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