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Why Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance Important?

Why Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance Important?

Preventative HVAC maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your equipment.

We’ve all heard the adage that prevention is better than cure. The same goes for home maintenance and HVAC equipment. You can do your part by getting ahead of possible issues by doing preventative maintenance first. Here’s why preventative care is so important.

Energy Efficiency

Top performing HVAC systems often result in energy, emissions, and cost savings of up to 40 percent. However, when they aren’t performing in top condition, you can’t fully benefit from this advantage. When your equipment is working as efficiently as possible, all of its components are focusing on doing the job that it was designed to do, rather than working harder than it has to. Preventative maintenance ensures that your equipment will run at peak performance for as long as possible.   

Increased Performance Life

Preventative maintenance helps extend the performance life of your HVAC system and its related equipment. Once the various components become clogged with dirt and dust, the system has to work much harder and longer to result in the same amount of cooling and heating for your home. The harder these components have to work; the earlier your system will burn out and fail.

Better Air Quality

In the same way that dirty HVAC components will cause your system to work harder, they can also affect the indoor air quality. It can assist in the circulation of pollen, fungi, bacteria, and other allergens that can irritate your lungs and cause breathing problems. It could trigger such health episodes as asthma attacks and cause itchy eyes and even flu-like symptoms. Regular cleaning helps reduce similar types of air contamination and help foster and healthier environment.

Fewer Repairs

Doing preventative maintenance means that you’ll be spending less time and money on repairs. In fact, it can result in a savings of up to 95 percent. You can be proactive by scheduling a pre-season visit with HVAC professionals to get a full picture of the health and needs of your HVAC system.

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