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What You Should Know About Buying A Commercial Oven

What You Should Know About Buying A Commercial Oven

One of the first choices you must make when choosing an oven is whether you want a gas or electric power source.

When it’s time to buy a new oven for your business, there are a lot of options you can choose from. Along with a wide variety of brands and price points, you must also consider if you want a gas or electric oven, what type of oven and a wide range of other factors. Today we’ll go over a few of the different options to help you begin making your decision.

Gas Vs. Electric

One of the first choices you must make when choosing an oven is whether you want a gas or electric power source. There are pros and cons to each. Gas can often be cheaper over time, and many chefs prefer it as when working with the real flame you can create interesting effects like char that you might not get with electric. However, gas can often be harder to regulate, and electric ovens are considered better at baking because they keep an even temperature. Electric ovens are also considered safer to use.  

Deck Oven

When you need an oven that allows you a great amount of temperature versatility a deck oven can be a perfect choice. Deck ovens will enable you to set different temperatures in each section. Commonly deck ovens come in a stack of two, but there is the potential for more decks if you have space. This style of oven is perfect for a busy kitchen that makes a lot of different dishes.

Convection Oven

Considered to be the most consistent temperature keeping style of oven, convection ovens are the most popular. Because they use an interior fan that circulates the hot air, they allow food to be cooked very evenly, and are an excellent choice for bakeries. Convection ovens also allow for faster cooking times making them a critical tool for fast-paced environments.  

Brick Oven

Perhaps best known for their use in pizza making, brick ovens can actually offer a lot more versatility than you might expect. While they are expensive and can be hard to regulate, brick ovens are perfect for cooking different types of ethnic food as well. When used in conjunction with specialty pots like clay tangines the effect can be well worth the setbacks.

Conveyor Oven

When you need to produce a lot of food quickly, there is nothing like a conveyor oven. While it is best suited for mass-produced products and doesn’t result in the best texture, there are many situations where a conveyor oven is perfect.

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