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Inspecting Your Fire Safety Equipment Before Summer Begins

Inspecting Your Fire Safety Equipment Before Summer Begins

Don’t neglect your fire safety equipment!

If you think that most fire hazards occur during the winter months, think again. The summer has its own list of fire hazards that you should be prepared for. Throughout the year, you should ensure that you fire safety equipment is where it should be and working properly. Therefore, before the summer begins, take some time to make sure that every element of your fire safety plan is efficient and ready to go in case you need it.


The first step to inspecting your fire safety equipment before summer begins in the inspection itself. This is something that you can do yourself, but you should also have a professional follow up with a more thorough inspection. Visually inspect the various elements related to your fire safety plan. Make a checklist and write down any questions or concerns you may have when looking at the equipment. If anything seems to be missing or looks to be in less than top condition, be sure to mention them to your fire safety professional. At that point, the professionals can take over the inspection by thoroughly picking up on those features that they’ve been trained to notice and check.


The next step in making sure your fire safety equipment is working properly is to test it. From the fire alarms to the smoke detectors and including the sprinkler system — they all feature ways to test their function. In an emergency, you want to know that these pieces of equipment will function as designed. One of the most important ways to do that is by periodically running those pieces of equipment.


Keep track of the regular maintenance performed on your fire safety equipment. It’s important to know when these elements were last inspected and testing and when they’ll need more attention. Regular maintenance often helps keep up with the condition of the equipment while saving money on repairs and total replacements. Performing maintenance before there is a problem keeps everyone safer.

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