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5 Reasons to Get a Commercial Lighting Upgrade

5 Reasons to Get a Commercial Lighting Upgrade

When was the last time you upgraded your commercial lighting?

Investing in a commercial lighting upgrade will come with many benefits. Not only is it a great way to save but there are many long-term advantages as well. If you’re looking for ways to enhance the efficiency, eco-friendliness, and overall visual appeal of your property, consider installing some upgrades for your commercial lighting system.  

Save Money

One of the most popular reasons for investing in a commercial lighting upgrade is that it will save you money. Light usually accounts for about 40 percent of an average utility bill. With commercial lighting upgrades, you can see that cost reduced when it comes to usage. A savings of up to 50 percent is not uncommon.

Reduce Maintenance

Your maintenance team will spend less time, money, and energy on keeping your lighting systems in good condition. Upgrading to modern, longer-lasting lighting options means that those resources can be better spent elsewhere.

Reduce Inventory

Energy efficient lighting is also known for being more efficient at actually lighting the space. Less efficient bulbs expel a lot of energy in heat, but more efficient options use that energy in lighting. With upgrades, you’ll likely see a decrease in the number of bulbs and fixtures that you’ll have to use.

Increase Security

Better lighting equals increased security. With a commercial lighting upgrade, you can also add certain elements like motion sensors to your overall system. With lighting that is more efficient and longer lasting, you can ensure that all areas of your property are equally and sufficiently covered with lighting, especially for outdoor applications.

The Environmental Factor

Decrease your impact on the environment by upgrading your commercial lighting system. It promotes sustainability as it uses fewer resources and lasts longer. In fact, many utility companies offer rebates and other incentives to companies that choose to upgrade with more efficient options.  

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