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5 Energy-Savings Tips For Small Business in 2019

5 Energy-Savings Tips For Small Business in 2019

Reduce your energy costs this year with these helpful tips!

Energy management is an important trait to focus on for any small business. It is very easy for energy costs  to balloon at an alarming and harmful rate, which is what energy management so important. That is why you should be following whatever energy-saving tips you come across that may help your small business thrive through the incorporation of energy management. Here are five energy-savings tips you should consider following in 2019 to improve your energy management.

Lighting Upgrades

One way to improve the energy management for your small business is by upgrading your lighting to more energy efficient options. By switching to LED lightbulbs, you can see a noticeable difference in the cost of your energy bills, which shows that what you were doing previously was problematic towards your energy management.

Energy audit

An energy audit can prove to be quite helpful by helping you try and figure out where your energy consumption is coming from and how much you are using. An energy audit can help you figure out where you can cutback and start saving on your energy bill each month. Once you know where your energy issues lie, thanks to your energy audit, energy management will suddenly become much easier for your small business.

Cutback during peak demand

Peak demand is when energy is most consumed, which is usually between 9 am and 5 pm, are the hours of the day when energy is most consumed. Cutting back on energy consumption during peak hours can help you significantly. You can accomplish this by staggering your working hours and when your employees start their day, trying to run equipment during off hours, or just in general, trying to conserve more.

Energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows can prove to be quite handy when it comes to energy management in 2019. Windows can cause you to lose a great amount of energy. So with energy efficient windows, you will be embracing energy management since you will be conserving more instead of losing due to your poor windows.

Timer thermostat

There will be times of the day when no one is at your business, so there will be no need to have the heat or A/C on. This is why for the sake of energy management you should switch to a timer thermostat so that you are not wasting all that energy when no one is around.

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