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5 Energy Management Tips For The New Year

5 Energy Management Tips For The New Year

Upgrade to LED lighting in 2019!

Energy management is a top priority for saving on costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Energy costs can add up, and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to examine your current usage and look for ways to improve your energy management. When it comes to saving energy, there are plenty of ways to manage and reduce your usage. But where to start? Here are five simple energy management tips to consider for the new year.

1. Replace Your Lighting

You can lose out on energy efficiency when it comes to lighting. By doing something as simple as upgrading to LED lighting, you can greatly reduce your energy and maintenance costs. LED lighting requires less frequent replacement, is more cost-effective, are more durable, and are better for the environment than their halogen and incandescent predecessors.

2. Install Energy Efficient Windows

Installing energy efficient windows can go a long way, especially if your facility features a lot of windows. You can be overcompensating for heat or draftiness let in by your windows, which will raise your energy bills and put a strain on your heating and cooling system. Control your energy bills with efficient windows.

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

One frequently overlooked step to conserving energy, especially in the cold weather, is checking in on your HVAC system. It’s important to have your HVAC system regularly maintained so that it won’t break down or run inefficiently. If you are able to upgrade your HVAC equipment to more energy efficient models, you can save a lot in those maintenance costs and see a decrease in your energy bills.

4. Insulate

Insulation is crucial to energy management. After all, insulation determines how well you will be able to control the temperature in your facility. By keeping your facility warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you will put less strain on your HVAC system and save on heating and cooling costs.

5. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re able to upgrade to more energy efficient appliances, you may be surprised in the impact on your energy usage. In fact, the operating cost is nearly as important as the appliance tag price, as this will tell you how much you will need to spend in energy and maintenance costs in order to keep the appliance running. Energy efficient appliances will have lower operating costs.

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