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Three Facility Maintenance Tips

Three Facility Maintenance Tips

Has your facility switched over to LED lighting yet?

Can you believe we’re already heading into the last legs of the year? With the fourth quarter quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking about what went well this year, what can be improved, and what there’s still time to fix before 2019 begins. When it comes to facility maintenance, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there about what you should be doing and how. To help narrow it down, we’ve picked three tips we think are the most important for closing out the year.  

Switch Out Those Lights

Most of us have already made the switch over to LED lighting; it’s an easy way to start the process of going green. If you haven’t or have been slowly changing out old bulbs as they die, it might be time to get ahead of the game. Along with saving a noticeable amount of money due to lower energy, LED’s last longer and run better. Not to mention, it’s a great way to talk up your facility as you work with an increasingly green-conscious consumer base.

Maintain Your Carpets

Carpeting is one of the go-to’s for professional flooring, but it also shows its age very quickly. Before you think about replacing it in bulk, consider trying preventative carpet maintenance. Not only does maintenance cost less than full out replacement, but it once again helps to create a greener, less wasteful business model. Regular cleaning and care can help add a significant amount of life to your floors, and it’ll make your employees and guests happier and healthier all the while. Carpet tends to trap dirt, pollen, dust, odors, and more, so regular maintenance will also help keep everyone healthy.

Embrace That Data

With advances in technology happening daily, the possibilities and uses for data have become endless. It’s time to start making use of it! When it comes to facility management, your Internet of Things system can teach you a lot about the ways in which your buildings are used that can help you make smarter and more cost-effective decisions. Finding the areas of inefficiency and adjusting them is easy, but only if you’re using your data.

Why Partner with Absolute Solutions & Associates?

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