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Common HVAC Questions

Common HVAC Questions

Keep your HVAC system in check this year!

If you’re not a professional, many people will probably have questions about the operation and maintenance associated with your HVAC system. It’s an intricate network of equipment that all works together to help you remain comfortable while inside your home or office. What your system does in the winter is different from how it operates in the summer and the information you’ll need to keep it running smoothly varies throughout the year. 

Using the Thermostat

How do I use the thermostat? Because each system operates differently from another and comes with different features and functions, many often question how to operate and program the thermostat. You can’t assume that they all work the same way so, if you’ve recently upgraded or switched your system, refer to the owner’s manual and ask a professional for the answers to more of your questions.  

Setting the Temperature

What temperature should I set my cooling or heating? There are various opinions about what temperatures are optimal for use in the winter and summer. While many people go on comfort, others want to keep costs low and even more are interested in energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Speaking of energy efficiency, will I save if I purchase a new furnace? It’s a topic of much discussion, and many people are wondering how they can really benefit from more energy-efficient products that are now on the market. Consider investing in new HVAC equipment, which is designed with upgraded technology and enhanced capabilities.

Covering the Condenser

Should I cover my AC condenser? You may go back and forth about this topic in your mind, but it’s best to keep the condenser uncovered. Covering the condenser traps moisture and creates an environment that promotes corrosion.

Equipment Lifespan

How long will my equipment last? The answer to that questions depends on your maintenance and repair routine. Although most HVAC systems and equipment are designed to give you years of use, they can give you more when properly cared for.

Why Partner with Absolute Solutions & Associates?

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