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5 Winter Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Businesses

5 Winter Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Businesses

Swap out your lights this winter season.

The winter is a time of the year when energy costs always seem to rise. This is partly because since it gets so cold outside, businesses tend to overcompensate and splurge on energy usage to cope with the colder weather. However, there are smarter ways to save on energy this winter, and here are five energy savings tips to take into account this winter.

Energy audit

When it comes to energy savings this winter, you should start off with an energy audit. An energy audit will give you an idea of where energy savings can come into play. You will learn where you stand with your energy usage, and be able to figure out from there where and how to incorporate energy savings into your commercial business.

Change your lights

Making a change when it comes to the lights you are using can make a significant impact on your energy savings. Even if you are waiting for all your old lights to die out before switching to light bulbs better for energy savings, you will be rewarded quickly by taking the initiative to change all your light bulbs now. You will instantly be consuming significantly less energy and as a result, see instant savings in your energy bills.

Speak to your staff

Another great way to improve upon energy savings this winter is speaking to your staff about what you want to do for the sake of energy savings. Speak to them and motivate them to help out and get involved with trying to conserve energy in the workplace. If everyone in the workplace gets on board, you are sure to see an improvement in energy savings soon enough.

Watch your thermostat

Make sure you are monitoring your thermostat during the winter so that you are consuming energy efficiently and responsibly. If you use your thermostat smartly, it will go a long way in helping with energy savings. Using a timer setting on your thermostat will help make sure that you are only using the heat while there are people guaranteed to be in the office, and that it is off when no one is supposed to be there.

Remember the little things

There are also a large number of little things you can do to help out with energy savings in your building during the winter. Make sure your property is properly insulated. Also, you will want to make sure the windows and doors remain closed when not needed to be open.

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